dpHue Concept Store
Maple Grove MN

dpHUE introduces a fresh brand to the hair care market, a high quality hair color product that bridges the gap between expensive salon experiences and boxed hair color sold at drug stores. With a focus on the customer experience, their first store in a suburban Minneapolis development needed to support their company’s mission. Customer consultation, product display, point of sale and customer demonstration areas are critical programmatic components. The adaptability of the design for future stores was addressed by defining key components within the space that could be easily transferred to other locations. The signature curved wood wall draws customers into the space and presents a bold material palette to the space. Within this wall, focused areas define the point of sale and demonstration area through crisp whitewashed recesses. Centered in the space are the two consultation tables, the heart of the customer experience, where professional consultants and customers interact.

2012 IIDA FAB Award