Minneapolis MN

The renovation of a neglected 1960’s food distribution center on the edge of downtown Minneapolis into the new workplace for the creative innovators at KNOCK Inc. The design supports KNOCK’s brand image and innovation, creating a fresh and welcomed presence on the underrated stretch of Glenwood Avenue just west of Minneapolis' downtown core.

KNOCK’s creative and collaborative business model brings together diverse design disciplines to build a brand. The design uses gathering and collaborative spaces as the design’s organizing element to support KNOCK’s creative collaborations. Diverse spaces form the core of the office. Pin up walls, focused critique spaces, a library, two large conference rooms and a kitchen table designed for meetings, casual gatherings and lunches, infuse the office with creativity and collaboration.

The project’s sustainable strategy lies in the transformation of a potential “tear down” structure into a high performance building. Daylight penetrates the space with expanded window openings, floor to ceiling glazed office walls and over 25 solar light tubes enhancing the work environment and reducing energy consumption. Healthy and local building materials such as reclaimed walnut enhance the workday. Most of the existing structure is exposed, minimizing excessive ceiling materials and increasing the sense of openness.

2011 IIDA FAB Award
2011 AIA MN Honor Award
2011 Interior Design Best of Year Merit Award